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Today is GDPR Day!

Yes, today sees the introduction of new regulations which protect everyone’s Privacy rights with the introduction of the General Data Protection Regulations 2018 (GDPR) which apply everywhere in Europe.  Essentially the regulation gives new rights to everyone who has data stored by others, including counselling services, and gives them the right to access what is held, correct inaccuracies and/or withdraw consent for such records to be kept.

I recognise client confidentiality to be an essential foundation of my counselling service.  Essentially the data that I hold is still as secure as ever and I password protect all electronic documents and keep all hard copy data in a locked cabinet separate from any case notes all of which are electronic, passworded and coded without names so as not to reveal the identity of subjects of all of my  case notes.  I also have a secure website in terms of content and payment through paypal and do not use my site for any algorithm activity, just purely to analyse the volume of traffic visiting my website.

I have updated my Privacy policy according to the new regulations and do reach out to me either at my counselling address or my email if you have any questions or wish to query anything related to the GDPR



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