Locally In Ealing

I can provide confidential face to face counselling sessions in London Ealing in a Professional counselling environment. The counselling location is a 10 minute walk from Ealing Broadway station.

UK by Phone

Phone appointments can be also arranged. Many clients find that this is a more convenient way of conducting counselling in that you do not have to make time or spend money to travel to a counselling location. Maintain your privacy by having a scheduled session when you are on your own and unlikely to be interrupted. The session fee is cheaper, but any additional costs, if these apply, would be for you to pay depending on the benefits of your phone plan.

Globally by Skype

I also provide Video sessions globally via the very secure and encrypted Video application called Zoom. The sessions will be cheaper. Zoom calls are free from anywhere in the world as long as you have a WIFI connection. Just like phone calls to maintain your confidentiality I do not advise that sessions take place in a public place and are best conducted from your home and when you are not likely to be overheard or interrupted.